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Call for IJACM papers
IJACM welcomes monographic articles about specific artists or art collectives as well as thematic or theoretical analyses of art history from any historical period. Established and emerging researchers working within the fields of art history, architectural history, curatorship, politics and aesthetics, visual culture, philosophy, historiography and museum studies are encouraged to submit.

IJACM provides a forum for exchange of information by academicians and practitioners worldwide on contemporary and future technologies, domestic and global issues and cutting edge research affecting all facets of business at local and global levels. The Journal of Global Commerce Research invites theoretical and/or empirical manuscripts covering a multitude of disciplines encompassing all business disciplines relating to global business such as financial crisis, multinational strategies, international competitiveness, comparisons of business institutions in different cultures, and management across countries.

The Journal also welcomes interdisciplinary submissions. Although its principal audience consists largely of scholars and researchers, the articles that are published are useful to government officials and business executives.

Examples of some of the topics that the Journal will consider include but not limited to:

Education and Curriculum Development, Energy, Business Systems and Processes, Transportation, Logistics and Security, International Business Management, Business Leadership, Organizational Behavior and Learning, Business Strategy and Technology/Innovation, Market Trends, Concept Development and Commercialization, Marketing, Financing Concepts and Expansions (feed and tariffs, jobs, etc), Intellectual Property Rights, Climate Change, Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Management, Public Policy Analysis, Advertizing and promotion management, Business Information Systems, Business Law, Business Communication, Labor Relations and Human Resource Management, Marketing Theory, Research and Applications, Operations/Production Management/ Research/Statistics, Business Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management Policy, Corporate and International finance, Emerging Markets and Economic Development, Financial Institutions, Services and Markets, International Economics and Trade, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Portfolio and Security Analysis, Public Policy and Regional Economics International Tax Accounting, Accounting for Decision Making, Financial Reporting, Fundamentals of Cost Accounting, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Quantitative Economic & Business Analysis, Financial Management, Business Law, Computer-based Information System, Principles of Management, Marketing, Auditing and Public Practice, External Reporting Issues, Accounting for Corporate Structures, Managerial Costing and Control, Advanced Management Accounting, Corporate Law, Income Tax Law, Business Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, Data and Information Management, Database Management Systems in Business, Management Information Systems, Financial Institutions, Econometrics, Corporate Finance, Investment and Portfolio Management, International Finance, Banking and Lending Decisions, Derivatives, Risk Management, Electronic Commerce, Capital Markets, Empirical Finance, Asset Pricing, Contemporary Issues in Commerce Research, Accounting reforms, Bait and switch, Black market, Collectivism, Conservation movement, Consumerism, Corporate accountability,corporate crime, Creative accounting, Eco-capitalist, Environmental ethics, Environmental finance, Ethical implications in contracts, Ethical investing, Ethical purchasing, Externality, Fair trade, Free-market environmentalism, Franchise fraud, Green economics, Global debt, Income inequality metrics, Gini coefficient,Lorenz curve, Theil index, Robin Hood index, Poverty line, Governance, Individualism, Islamic economics, Law and economics, Marxist economics, Monetary reform, Moral purchasing, Persuasion technology, Philosophy of accounting, Political choice theory, Poverty, Absolute poverty, Relative poverty, Price discrimination, Prisoner’s dilemma, Product churning, Public relations, Seven-generation sustainability, Sexual harassment, Office romance, Slow company,Social cost, Social responsibility, Stakeholder theory, Sustainable development, Triple bottom line, Wealth, Working week, UN Global Compact, UN Human Development Index, Uneconomic growth, Value of Earth, Value of life, Personal information management, Personal knowledge management, Stress management, Time management, Administration, Agile management, Change management, Conflict management, Conflict resolution, Constraint management, Theory of Constraints, Focused improvement, Cost management, Crisis management, Critical management studies (CMS), Customer relationship management, Design management, Earned value management, Human interaction management, Integration management, Interim Management, Knowledge management, Logistics management, Operations management, Organization development, Perception management, Planning, Process management, Program management, Project management, Quality management, Requirements management, Resource management, Risk management, Skills management, Spend management, Strategic management, Strategic planning, Communication management, Engineering management, Enterprise content management, Financial management, Human resource management, Information technology management, Marketing management, Procurement, Product management, Supply chain management, Association management, Educational management, Land management, Public administration, Talent management, Analysis paralysis, Balanced scorecard, Benchmarking, Business operations, Business process, Business intelligence, Market research, Industrial espionage, Environmental scanning, Competitor analysis, Reverse engineering, Business plan, Centralization, Corporate image, Corporate governance, Corporation, Cross ownership, Critical success factor, Cultural intelligence, Decentralization, Innovation, Leadership, Management by objectives, Manufacturing, Non-profit organization, Operations research, PERT, Poison pill.